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Bipolar (two-electrode) 450 KHz radio waves emit electrical impulses, and the main proteins in the skin (collagen and elastin) absorb them. Collagen and elastin fibers (fibrils) are curled and shortened when exposed to radio frequency. This makes the skin stronger and firmer and the altered collagen activates fibroblasts, cells that stimulate natural collagen production. Thermal exposure increases the permeability of cell membranes, better absorption of active ingredients, oxygen, improves blood circulation, promotes muscle relaxation and recovery, eliminates pain, smoothes and tightens the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect.

As a safe, non-invasive, painless procedure with no side effects, radiofrequency treatment is also used during the chronic and acute inflammatory phases. Can be used alone or in combination with manual (using different techniques), laser, functional magnetic stimulation or ultrasound therapies, as well as infrared and pulsed vacuum massage. The patient will feel a combination of several methods after the first procedure, speeds up recovery from trauma, tissue recovery, and a rapid reduction in pain and/or inflammation.

Radio frequency is used in the treatment or use of:
traumatic injuries: domestic injuries (bruises, sprains, swellings…), bone fractures, postoperative period, soft tissue injuries;
in sports physiotherapy: muscle relaxation, preparation for exercise, injury prevention, reduction of muscle fatigue, treatment of traumatic injuries;
joint lesions: chronic tendinopathy, hematoma, osteoarthritis, bursitis, capsulitis, tendonitis;
rheumatic and/or neurological diseases: lower back pain, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, arthritis, cervicalgia;
in body-aesthetics: removing fat deposits, cellulite and scars in local areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen, inner thighs and arms), tightens, lifts and smoothes the skin.

When is it not recommended to use radio frequency procedures?
Patients with oncological diseases, AIDS; having uncontrolled high blood pressure. Radio frequency is not possible with pacemakers, during pregnancy and lactation, with Addison’s disease or kidney stones, in the gallbladder; having uncontrolled high blood pressure. Neurological or other diseases that can be provoked by heat (herpes virus); in autoimmune diseases of the skin. After a caesarean section, abdominal procedures can be performed a month later and in consultation with your doctor. After other operations, it is recommended to perform the procedures at least 2 months later. If in doubt, we always recommend that you consult your doctor. If you have silicone implants or have had beauty injections, the use of radiofrequency procedures is prohibited.


Duration of the procedure – 20 min. Patients begin to feel the positive effect after 1-2 procedures. 5-10 procedures will be needed to maintain the long-term effect, performed after 2-3 time per week.


Radiofrequency therapy 20min. the price of the procedure is 30 €
Radiofrequency therapy 20min. the price of the procedure (when purchasing a 5 time subscription for 135 €) – 27 €
Radiofrequency therapy 20min. the price of the procedure (when purchasing a 10 time subscription for 250 €) – 25 €

Other services provided

  • Laser therapy (up to 10 min)
  • Ultrasound procedure (up to 15 min)
  • Functional magnetic stimulation FMS (up to 20 min)
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence FMS (up to 20 min)
  • Bioptron polarized light (up to 15 min)
  • Impulse therapy TENS (up to 20 min)
  • Functional electrical stimulation FES (up to 20 min)
  • Muscle electrical stimulation (up to 20 min)
  • Kinesio taping (up to 30 min)
  • After purchasing 3-5 times service subscriptions, you will be given a 10% discount, 6-10 times – 15%.

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